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Kristofer Hultenberg   Hvordan det forlades / How it is left behind

KANT, St. Kongensgade 3, baghuset, 1264 Copenhagen

20. AUGUST - 17. SEPTEMBER 2016


Kristofer Hultenberg's surface oriented paintings place themselves in an abstract / concrete tradition. The idiom of his pictures are often articulated and the tone formal, as if the pictures were out in a communicative errand. But the readable never becomes more than an unreleased potential. What at first glance may look like decodable statements turn out to be just inadequate attempts in that direction. Or statements that completely lack connection to linguistic conventions.

Instead what unfolds is a personal and untranslatable imagery. An abstract universe where the anomaly appears to be the dominant principle. For Hultenberg the consciousness of an image ́s alternative appearances is an important factor. In his view, every image is accompanied by an unlimited number of potential pictures - the unrealised, and he is interested in how the individual image can be influenced by, or be in dialogue with them. However, this perspective does not lead to a multitude of examples of the available options, as he also insists on simplicity in the pictures. The result is rather an internal dispute in relation to a certain idea or composition. As if something (an alternative option ?) trailed in them.

The exhibition “How it is left behind” shows new trends in Hultenberg's production. Not least an increased interest in the textural features of the paintings, so that in many cases we are presented more with wall objects. Hultenberg works with different types of paint, wood and pieces of paper in relief, drawings with graphite etc. The carefree variety of materials and expressions suggests that the works are rooted in a private sphere, behind the directives of professionalism. Something which is also emphasised by the painterly interventions, that sometimes occur on the back of the works. An undefined, hidden place in the peripheral of the works, visible only in a documentary context.

Kristofer Hultenberg graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1999 and has since received numerous grants from the Danish Arts Foundation. He is represented in museums in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and he has participated in exhibitions at the Bonner Kunstverein, Germany, ICA Philadelphia, USA and CCA Lagos, Nigeria.