Arrangement for Minor Deviations, 2012

Commission for Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus (selected views)

Arrangement for Minor Deviations is a site-specific mural that consists of a series of painterly interventions on the architectural interiors of Building S at Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus, Denmark. Generally the interventions/paintings are placed in heavily trafficked areas, primarily the area surrounding the central staircase. At times they appear where one would not typically expect a mural, other times they interact intimately with smaller architectural elements such as handrails and stairs.  One of the main intentions has been to create a visual high voltage relationship between the paintings and the architecture – both overall and down to the smallest details.

The basic pictorial element of the paintings is a little filled circle, about the size of a coin. This element - considered as a dimensionless point from where the picture planes' two dimensions (lines and surfaces) originate - generated some compositional possibilities that were explored in relationship to the architecture. The point of departure of the paintings is constructed with a certain formal stringency. Yet, they also contain deviations, or breaches, of their internal, established logic. Deviation is a principle that characterizes the compositions on many levels. As such, it is implied that they embody alternative and potential conditions - an imaginable otherness.

This selection of photographs is not a comprehensive representation of the project.


Beginner, 2002

Commission for law firm Lett, Copenhagen (conference rom)


A Drawing is an Unsafe Environment, 2007

Wall painting at Preview Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Regression, 2005

Site specific wall painting for the group show Dialogue, FFKD, Copenhagen


Untitled Door Piece, 2012

Wall sticker for doors / Printed matter for ARK-mappen, Edition: 320


Corner Piece, 2008

Site specific wall painting for the group show Die Zahl der Zufall das Spiel, Kunstverein Rügen, Putbus Germany